No (1stellarchic) wrote,

Yesterday made me really love summer.

I went shopping with katrina. We went to H&M for the items that we had clearly marked. it was bad. We also went to build-a-bear worskshop and well, built polar bears and frogs for alex. it was lovely.

Then Katrina, Carlos, Alex and I hopped on the Metro and took a journey to Wolf Trap to see The Boston Pops. It was wonderful. We Had lawn seats so we brought blankets and had a picinic with cookies. The show, Broadway Babies was great. Their conductor, Keith Lockhart, is my new favorite person. He is awesometastic to the nth degree. times 50. squared. He danced when he conducted. They played Stars and Stripes Forever and I promise you Katrina, Alex and I all thought it was the hottest thing evar. The trumpet and trombone solos in All That Jazz were equally hot.

we were the youngest people there.

It was super cool to the max because we got to lay under the star. thats right the star.

and the shooting star.

and the shooting airplane.

and the shooting bug.

this is when i heart summer.
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