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i haven't done one of these in a long while.

name= conster
piercings = ears
tattoos = no thanks. i fear needles.
height= 5'1
shoe size = somewhere between and 8 and a 9
hair color = black... i want to color it. xcore.
siblings = 2 (step)siblings


movie you rented = Bruce Almighty, Mona Lisa Smile and Big Fish.
movie you bought = Return of the King
song you listened to = Nina Sky - Move Your Body
song that was stuck in your head = " I'm looking for a heartbeat!" - don johnson
cd you bought = Michael Buble
cd you listened to = Micheal Buble
person you've called = My Dad
person that's called you = My mom
tv show you've watched = Thats so raven.. last night..


you have a crush on someone = kanye? pfft no.
you wish you could live somewhere else = I wish I could live in N.W. DC with the rich trendy people who don't get represention. No wait... I like my representation. I could live in the Phillipines. Cebu:)
you think about suicide = No
others find you attractive = no they find me stupid. ha like ice cream boys.
you want more piercings = no
you like cleaning = I clean when i'm angry.
you like roller coasters = HOLLAR
you write in cursive or print = its like a twist print with loops.


long distance relationships = I've given that a lot of thought. I depends on the relationship.
using someone = wtf? stfu.
suicide = by all means, against
killing people = against
teenage smoking = against
driving drunk = against
gay/lesbian relationships = Its not my decision to make who others are allowed to love.
soap operas =depends


ever cried over a girl= umm i might have
ever cried over a boy = yeah. in cars. with katrina.
ever lied to someone = yes
ever been in a fist fight = Yeah in elementary School
ever been arrested = no


shampoo do you use = Pantene Pro -V relaxed and natural. The bottles brown like me :)
shoes do you wear = flip flops xcore. i just bought sneakers.
are you scared of = a lot of things.


of times I have been in love? = i don't think i've ever been in loved. I've been In-fatuated. I have loved, but never in love.
of times I have had my heart broken? = maybe 1 significant time. and i'm avoiding a possible second.
of hearts I have broken? = none
of girls I have kissed? = none
of boys I have kissed? = 2
of girls I've slept with? = at sleepovers?
of boys I've slept with? = does the bus to chicago count? i slept with quite few people there.
of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = i think once
of scars on my body? = i scar very easily. i have too many. they all have stories too.


pretty – yeah.. pretty crazy!
funny - well it depends on the crack and cookies.
hot – no its cold in my room
friendly – no you
amusing - look a cracker barrel.
loveable – no you
caring - no you
sweet - like cookies?
dorky - pfft. thats rhetorical right?


actor/actress: well. tom hanks xcore. Ewan Mcgreggoricantevenspell yo name. Legolas. John cho sometimes when he's dirty and mean. omgxorz. lindsay lohan1!!1ewr!
Candy: iounno.
Chewing gum: the pink orbitz
Color(s): pink, green, yellow orange.
Color nail polish: clear. french. pink.
Day of week: i don't discriminate against days. thanks you.
Least fave day: psh whatevz
Flower: todaisies.
Jello flavor: no thanks
Jewelry: my mom gave me her wedding ring for my 18 birthday. thats my favorite. and pearls.
Special skills/talents: my famous crack and cookies recipe.
Trampolines or swimming pools: swimming tampolines.


Slept in your bed: the happy passover frog
Saw you cry: umm either my mom or k-dogg.
Made you cry: hmph. iouneven know a boy named...
You went to the movies with: k-dogg brian and carlos
Sent you an email? My dad


Said "I love you" and meant it?: yes
Gone out in public in your pajamas: yes
Kept a secret from everyone: yes
Cried during a movie: yes
Ever at anytime owned new kids on the block stuff: nope
Planned your week based on the TV Guide: no
Been on stage: yes
Been to New York: no
Been to California: no
Hawaii: no
China: no
Canada: no
Europe: yes. germany. ARMY BRATS HOLLAR.
Asia: no
South America: no
Australia: no
Wished you were the opposite sex: PFFT. WHAI?
What time is it now?: 12.44 AM
Apples or bananas?: APPLES HOE.
Blue or red?: pink
Walmart or target?: target
Spring or Fall?: Fall homes. well.
What are you gonna do after you finish this?: discuss the dirtyness of john cho with k-dogg
What was the last meal you ate?: dinner
High school or college?: Marytown. Georgeland. College
Are you bored?: yes.
Last noise you heard?: Bend it like beckham noises.
Last smell you sniffed?: your mom sniffed a cookie.
Last time you went out of state?: This morning. i was in Maryland.


Do you believe in love at first sight?: no, walk by again.
Do you want children one day?: yes. oh AAA. our futures are doomed.
Famous guys you like?: umm kanye in green polo blazer. john cho when he's dirty and angry. how on earth does this have to do with friendship and love? legolas. taye diggs.
Most important thing to you in a friendship is: cookies. and crack. oh and of course honesty and trust and john cho and happy passover frogs.


Criminal record?: what?
Do you speak any other languages?: muy muy muy muy pequeno espanol. more so i speak AAA. its a difficult language to master my furry little easter egg. oh Boker Tov. and Mazel Tov. Shabbat Shalom in 4 days.

iouneven like surveys.
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