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slow down everyone you're moving too fast

going to georgia for a week. fun in the southern sun. Well not really. Its a random town in georgia. very small. But I go every year so I'm used to it.

I bought sheets for my dorm. I feel accomplished.

July 3-8 -Georgia. hollar

July 12 -16- VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL HOMIES! I get to teach this year... well I'm an assistant teacher. KINDERGARTEN CLASS!!! i'm so exited. can you tell?

July 22- Katrina comes home. Hollar.

July 24- Aug 1- Florida with my Godfamily and mah Mom.

August...7th Alex's Send off Party. Alex please correct me. EVERYONE COME.

August 22 - Move In day -IF i do marching band

August 22-27 - Early Week IF i do marching band

August 26th College Park Scholars Move in Day

August 27th - CPS Service Day

August 30th- First day of classes.

a whirlwind of activity.

back in a week.

i want to color my hair.

constance marie
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