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a worthy shout out.

hi hai and hello to everyone who is emostastic.

cheer up emo kids.

i think im in the worst kind of emotastic mood. I have no relationship to base mine on. Well not exactly. I'm kicking myself for letting him go but at the same time, i know him well enough to know that he cared but he didn't know how to show it and thats why it didn't go anywhere. well thats what i want to believe. the pieces fit that way. But boy do i want him home.

i'm not making sense and i'm not going to.

Actually I don't know what i want more. I would love to be excited about going to college where there will be thousands of new opportunities but at times i would rather sit at home and waste away thinking of what could have been and all of the chances i still have to make it be and how to perfect them.

Its pathetic.

i miss him and its sickening. i want it to go away. sort of.

i feel like high school, relationship-wise, was a total failure. i didn't even have one to talk about homies.

i'm not depressed. just a little dissappointed. what stories do i have to tell about high school love? stories of unrequited love? stories of my almost but not really relationship that doesn't even make sense?

i feel like i missed out.

now i'm just whining.

i'm not upset.

i just wish i had a story worth telling.
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